Stanley Stryszowski

Chief Executive Officer, President

Hailing from Tarnow, Poland Stanley Stryszowski has brought a world of knowledge and expertise in the realm of millwork and fine custom cabinetry here to New York City. Stretching the span of his lifetime Stanley Stryszowski has had a knack for handiwork paired with an unrelenting curiosity that has fueled his evolution into a self-starter, innovator and entrepreneur. Even his earliest education included technical training in the mechanization of farming, which seamlessly fed his inclination toward building and craftsmanship. So Stanley picked up endless skills along the way, ranging from machinery to electrical knowledge, construction management as well as a steady command of metal and woodworking.

In his late 20’s Stanley was working double time overseeing a government run building and distribution organization for affordable housing as well as operating and building his own family’s home and 3.5 apple and cherry orchard. His relentless desire to create, learn and build brought him as far as even building his own metal and wood-working machines from scratch when he couldn’t come by them otherwise, accidentally and happily creating his own home-based woodworking shop. Stanley grew into an excited pursuit of creating all of his own home from scratch, especially the millwork- his persistence and urge to create each component of a home as it should be made, to the highest quality and accuracy, in and of itself the start of what would become his tour de force of creations: Cabinets By Stanley.

Stanley Stryszowski
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