Sylvia T

Office Manager, Accounts Payable

Sylvia makes our day to day life easier. Upholding our company’s principals to help build toward the bigger picture by tentatively nurturing all the details, she oversees that everything in our office runs smoothly and efficiently by managing our archives, accounts, bookkeeping, inventory and human resources. Her involvement with our internal affairs is another assurance of our success as a whole.

It seems only natural Sylvia became a part of our team this past year as she is always inclined toward efficiency and positivity. Having received her Master’s degree in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from Silesian University, Poland and currently pursuing a professional certificate in Human Capital Management from NYU SCPS, she also finds herself constantly eager to broaden her horizons. Her passion for both high-end residential work as well as the details also comes from her past experience with prominent contractors and artisans, where she also picked up the age-old craft of gold leafing and gilding.

In her spare time she thoroughly enjoys gardening, floral design and decoration and philosophy. We love that she brings refreshing new insights to the table and always facilitates a great working environment.

From The Pro/ Why Her Job Matters:
“I love how the company is growing and that I can bring my long standing ability to concentrate as an asset to increasing our success. Despite my quiet nature, I also look forward to being able to utilize both my Human Resources knowledge, and possibly my [gilding] finishing technique on future projects.”

Slywia T
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