Tom Stryszowski

Project Manager,
Head of Estimating

If you know Cabinets By Stanley, you know Tom Stryszowski. A company veteran, Tom immediately joined his father and brother at Cabinets By Stanley’s helm over 12 years ago. Diving into the work, Tom thrived on the satisfaction of executing outstanding craftsmanship and superior fabrication. Utilizing his own hands-on skills in the shop and knack for organization in the office, he has easily commanded his position as Project Manager and Head of Estimating.

Tom’s growth from apprentice to craftsman and from thinker to project coordinator and manager reinforced the next most important aspect of work in the company to him: size. He finds that by being a small company Cabinets By Stanley has been able to cultivate and maintain a tightly knit team of talent with clear lines of communication available to them; the same perk, which they see as a strength when working alongside designers.

When he isn’t using his meticulous skills as an organizer and hands-on project manager, he loves to get active outdoors. From hiking and fishing to soccer and volleyball, Tom loves to exercise his mind and body and spend down time with family and friends. Relaxed and rejuvenated after the weekend, Tom always brings that same energetic enthusiasm back to work with him on Monday.

From The Pro/ Why His Job Matters:
“Part of what makes my work so important is getting to work alongside people I respect and love the most. And it never hurts that my interest in creativity and organization helps- I like thinking ahead to oversee and eliminate any obstacles that might interfere with a project before they come our way.”

Tom Stryszowski
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