Lukasz Stryszowski

Executive Vice President,
Director of Business Development

Lukasz Stryszowski knows his stuff. Overseeing multiple facets of Cabinets By Stanley, from design development to drafting and engineering, material selection to project management, from business development to client relations, Lukasz loves what he does and is absolutely passionate about creating flawless custom cabinetry and millwork. He works side by side with designers, builders, his own artisans, craftspeople, engineers and project managers to ensure each component of your project is perfected and on schedule.

Lukasz’s involvement in his father’s company was a natural development that began when he was merely a child who loved to be in the woodshop- the screw-driver and hammer were always his favorite toys. As a teen his part time jobs in both Poland and the U.S. ranged from working as a finisher's helper in a woodworking shop to paint assistant and customer service specialist in varying hardware stores. He picked up all of his basic knowledge from his real-world experiences.

After high school Lukasz joined Cabinets By Stanley part time while also studying Civil Engineering at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. His love for architecture and design, introduction to AutoCAD and instant love of his father’s company led him to also begin producing shop drawings for their custom projects. Not long after his start Lukasz joined Stanley full time and helped take the company full steam ahead. Today his favorite work also includes overseeing highly specialized projects and the building of custom furniture in the shop alongside designing and building.

In his spare time Lukasz loves to squeeze in short trips to new cities or into the great outdoors where he is skiing, hiking, snowboarding or relaxing. His time in nature always reinvigorates his love for millwork and brings him home full of inspiration and excitement to work on new projects.

From The Pro/ Why His Job Matters:
“There is no better feeling than being able to tell people about what you do when you love it so much. I can’t think of anything more exciting than meeting new people and getting to collaborate with such talented designers, knowing that what we’re going to create together will be impeccable.”

Lukasz Stryszowski
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